U.S. Department of State:  “The Power of Storytelling: Highlighting the Voices of Muslim Women” – July 21, 2015

Invited by the State Department to speak about my blog at a special panel on the power of storytelling, and honored at an Eid reception, hosted by Secretary of State John Kerry, Deputy Secretary Tony Blinken, and Special Representative to Muslim Communities Shaarik Zafar.

“Special Representative to Muslim Communities Shaarik Zafar will moderate a panel discussion with prominent Muslim women authors, bloggers, and film and television directors and producers on Wednesday, July 22, 2015, at 2:00 p.m., in the Dean Acheson Room at the Department of State.The women featured on the panel discussion all use the craft of storytelling to (1) create and depict positive narratives and examples of heroism; (2) document tragedies and oppression; and (3) dispel stereotypes, build bridges, and paint vivid pictures that reflect the diversity and uniqueness of Muslim communities across the globe. The panelists will discuss their experiences engaging with Muslim communities around the world through storytelling.”



IMG_7414 featured in AltMuslimah, including stories on Mukhtar Mai and MoverMoms’ “Stirring it Up in the Kitchen”.

Local Blog Explores Spiritual Understanding (via The Connection)

(July 17, 2014) Four years ago, Salma Hasan Ali began writing a blog called “30 Days, 30 Deeds” to share the essence of the month-long Muslim holiday Ramadan with her children ( Her writings reveal a heartfelt exploration of Ramadan, but also give insight into the life of a mother seeking to inspire her children to understand the true meaning of performing good deeds, expressing gratitude, saying prayers and practicing charity. [read more]

30 Day 30 Deeds: a Ramadan Blog (via AltMuslimah)

I wanted to help the kids understand that in addition to fasting, this month is about doing good deeds, about expressing gratitude, about praying sincerely for yourself and for others. Keeping a blog helps us stay mindful and think about these issues each day. The first year we decided to do one good deed each day—30 days, 30 deeds. [read more]

Invited to talk about at the United Nations. 

September, 2012 [read more]

Muslim Families Celebrate Eid-ul-Adha

Potomac Almanac. October 24, 2012

Salma Hasan Ali, a freelance writer and co-head of MoverMoms, an non-government organization that promotes service for busy families, plans to celebrate this holiday with friends and family.  “It is a holiday that celebrates faith and sacrifice and intention to God,” Ali said. “For us it is a very special holiday as both eids are. We celebrate by sacrificing a lamb and feeding the poor, understanding what it means to have so much and be able to share with others who don’t have as much as we do” [read more]

Ramadan 2012

My son -- my moon and my star

My son — my moon and my star

30 Days, 30 Deeds

Gulf News, July 15, 2012

Last Ramadan, US-based Pakistani writer Salma Hasan Ali taught her children to be generous and compassionate by doing one good deed a day. This year, she plans 30 Days, 30 Gratitudes. “30 days, 30 deeds”, Gulf News, July 20, 2012. [Read more]

Salma, Mother of Two Embarks on a Compassion Journey

Karen Armstrong’s Charter for Compassion/Pakistan blog, November 10, 2011

“The most important thing I want to teach our children is to appreciate all that we have, to always be generous and compassionate, and to care for others and give back. Charter for Compassionate Pakistan, November 10, 2011 [Read more]

Salma Hasan Ali Bridges Divides with Her Personal Stories

Potomac Almanac, April 18, 2012

 Photo detailPotomac’s Salma Hasan Ali has learned “the power of sharing personal stories.” “Stories humanize,” she said. “Our accountings of our past and present are unique to each of us, yet they’re universal in the emotions and feelings they stir.” Even though her journey seems quite ordinary to her, conveying her own narrative and those of others “communicates who we are and what we value.” [Read more]

Salma Hasan Ali speaks at KARAMAH [Read more]

Not My Mother’s Ramadan

MORE magazine. July/August 2010

The children discovered Michael Jackson’s music a few months after his death, and today they are blasting his songs from the family stereo. Between swimming and praying, Nintendo DS–ing and reading the Koran, they choreograph a dance in remembrance of their newfound fave artist. [read more]

Muslim Americans Answer the Call the Serve

And then it dawned on me: what I was finding so remarkable, so uniquely beautiful, seemed absolutely ordinary to them. For Saanya and Zayd, praying at the synagogue felt as comfortable as praying in our mosque or in our living room. For them, it was joyously unremarkable.  [read more]

Pakistan on the Potomac

Washingtonian Magazine. December 2008

On the occasion of her first fast during Ramadan, Saanya received an heirloom pendant that had belonged to her great-grandmother’s grandfather, a pearl-and-diamond merchant in Rangoon in the late 1800s. The American “melting pot” is richer by virtue of our knowing who we are and where we come from. [read more]

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