30 traditions (2014)

Each family has its own particular traditions around Ramadan – from special foods and family recipes to ways in which we celebrate the month with our children and our neighbors. This year, let’s share our stories and traditions, our recipes and recollections. What are our memories of Ramadan growing up; what stories do we remember from our parents and grandparents; what are our family’s special rituals and recipes; how are we developing new traditions that help bridge old and new. By sharing our stories, we can reveal the magic of Ramadan for our children, and help build a foundation on which they can forge their own sense of identity, community and confidence. 30 Days. 30 Traditions. InshAllah.

Day 1: A Ramadan Blog

Day 2: My Dad’s Stories

Day 3: Samosa Nani

Day 4: Bibi

Day 5: Not My Mother’s Ramadan

Day 6: The Art and Science of Watermelon

Day 7: The First to Give, the Last to Take

Day 8: My First Fast

Day 9: Breaking Bread, Together

ay 10: A Culinary Serenade

Day 11: Moon and Star Cookies

Day 12: Celebrating Ramadan, Away from Home

Day 13: Fasting, Firni, and Fastballs

Day 14: The Ramadan Tree

Day 15: God Bless FaceTime

Day 16: People Amaze Me

Day 17: Ode to the Chaat

Day 18: Gulab Jamun

Day 19: Let There be Light

Day 20: “For Mommy, and Daddy, and Leila”

Day 21: Then, and Now

Day 22: “Doctor, Is this My Last Ramadan?”

Day 23: The Giving Card

Day 24: Prince Ali

Day 25: The Magic of Suhoor

Day 26: A Mix of Old and New

Day 27: Setting the Table for Understanding

Day 28: One Small Step

Day 29: “Oh,What Would Eid Be Without Mehndi!”

Day 30: Eid Mubarak!

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