30 duas (2013)

So many of you have asked if we will continue our blog this year. InshAllah we’ll try our best. This Ramadan, we thought we’d do “30 Days 30 Duas (prayers)”. Some days it will be personal, duas for family and friends and ourselves; other days it will be duas for people we’ve never met, in different corners of the world, who are suffering, hurting, needing our prayers. The idea behind this blog was to share the essence of Ramadan with our children; to involve them in understanding that in addition to fasting, Ramadan is about doing good, about being grateful, about saying prayers and caring for others. This year, as a family, we’ll say a special prayer each night for someone we love, discuss a situation around the world that needs our prayers, or recite a dua from the Quran to help guide us and protect us. Please join us, and share your special duas with us. 30 Days. 30 Duas. InshAllah.

Day 1: Uttarakhand

Day 2: Madiba

Day 3, Dua 3: Protection from the C word

Day 4: All Malalas everywhere

Day 5: Allah’s Animals

Day 6: Compassion

Day 7: College

Day 8: My Mom’s Wish

Day 9: My Zayd

Day 10: Life of purpose

Day 11: My Girl

Day 12: Forgiveness

Day 13: My Fellow Traveler

Day 14: Leila

Day 15: Caring for Relatives

Day 16: Focus

Day 17: Sisters

Day 18: Letting Go

Day 19: Our own paths to God

Day 20: Home

Day 21: Parents

Day 22, Dua 22: Dues

Day 23: Time

Day 24: Inner Peace/Outward Contribution

Day 25: Patience and Persistence

Day 26: For loved ones departed

Day 27: Paying it forward

Day 28: From Khala, with love

Day 29: Peace, knowledge and understanding

Day 30: Eid Mubarak

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