30 gratitudes (2012)

This year, we’ll focus on expressing gratitude.  We have so much to be grateful for, so much that we take for granted.  Our family project this Ramadan is to express our sincere thanks each day, for something that Allah has blessed us with.  Small things, big things, every day things.  We’ll jot them down, in no particular order.  Please join us on our journey, and share your gratitudes with us.  30 Days. 30 Gratitudes. InshAllah.

Day 1: But for the Grace of God

Day 2:  Be well, be strong, be healthy

Day 3: Mighty Woman with a Torch

Day 4: We are FAMILY

Day 5: Luna LOVE-good

Day 6: Heaven Lies Beneath Their Feet

Day 7: Making Every Drop Count

Day 8: Over the Rainbow

Day 9: BFF

Day 10: Every five seconds…

Day 11: Cars!

Day 12: 2 = 7 + 17 + 31

Day 13: Faith, family hope

Day 14: Keep calm and have a cupcake

Day 15: Papa

Day 16: Gratitude 16: Nunno

Day 17: The sum of our parts

Day 18: Chirp of the birds, croak of the frogs, buzz of the bees

Day 19: Mama

Day 20: Know God Know Peace

Day 21: The gift of children

Day 22: Anchor, Compass, Star

Day 23: Khudafhiz Bapu

Day 24: My sunshine

Day 25: Zaydubean

Day 26: Allah knows best

Day 27: He’s still the one

Day 28: God has many houses

Day 29: Bubby

Day 30: God’s guidance

Eid Mubarak!




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