30 deeds (2011)

We are blessed in so many ways, most especially to have our parents and a huge family network near by. The most important thing I want to teach our children is to appreciate all that we have, to always be generous and compassionate, and to care for others and give back.  During this Ramadan we decided as a family that we would try and do at least one good deed each day — something that would help someone else, make their life a little easier, or simply put a smile on their face.  30 Days. 30 Deeds. InshAllah.

Day 1: A Closet Full of Memories, to Share

Day 2: Gratitude, and dark chocolate

Day 3: My son, the moon, and the stars

Day 4: Love Thy Neighbor

Day 5: Faith in Action

Day 6: Sharing Allah’s Bounty

Day 7: Cards that Care

Day 8: Sunrise for Somalia

Day 9: Smile

Day 10: Only Connect

Day 11: Act Pray Love

Day 12: Caring 101

Day 13: Share the love

Day 14: Be a hummingbird

Day 15:  Green your deen

Day 16: Breaking fast, building bridges

Day 17: Standing up for trees

Day 18: Educating children

Day 19: Kind words

Day 20: Preserving memories

Day 21: Planting peace

Day 22: “Leftar”

Day 23: Allahu Akbar

Day 24: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Day 25: A mother’s love

Day 26: Ramadan resolutions

Day 27: Breaking bread

Day 28: Friends in faith

Day 29:  Sharing our stories

Day 30: Eid Mubarak!

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