Remembering the Spirit of Ramadan

Thank you again for being a part of the blog this year; I’m already looking forward to next year! The plan is to do “30 Days 30 Inspiring Stories” – stories of ordinary Muslims doing extraordinary things, from around the world and in our own neighborhoods. Ramadan is so much about living an inspired life, about helping those less fortunate, and contributing to the greater good. We’ll try and rouse these sentiments in us through a daily dose of inspiring stories of Muslims doing good.

One of the best parts about keeping this blog is to hear from readers around the world about how the blog has motivated them to start their own similar projects. One reader wrote, “Your blog has seriously inspired me to really do a good deed every day. Even though I have it in mind all the time, keeping pace with daily events takes it to the subconscious mind.” This year, she decided to do and keep track of 30 good deeds during Ramadan. “It indeed makes one a different person at the end of 30 days,” she added.  With her permission, I wanted to share her list with you, as I think it can inspire all of us to remember the spirit of Ramadan all year long.


Day 1: Try not to miss Fajr prayers

Day 2: Gift a stranger

Day 3: Stand by your siblings come what may

Day 4: Make someone laugh heartily

Day 5: Be more disciplined #overcome laziness

Day 6: Be a patient listener

Day 7: Begin daily morning walks

Day 8: Do not call some friends and annoy them

Day 9: Do not argue with a close friend

Day 10: Give company to a tired and exhausted friend

Day 11: Wake up someone for Sehri everyday

Day 12: Give your spare bicycle to a complete stranger

Day 13: Contribute a blog for a cause

Day 14: Inspire someone

Day 15: Give free hugs to friends struggling with thesis defense

Day 16: Give free relaxing massage to stressed out friends

Day 17: Stop being judgmental

Day 18: Climb Mt Fuji, again

Day 19: Cook and shared iftaar with a lab mate

Day 20: Attend a social Iftaar with friends

Day 21: Visit new Imambara constructed nearby

Day 22: Dine and cook something special for someone

Day 23: Contribute for a cause

Day 24: Pray during Laylatul Qadr nights

Day 25: Surprise a Senior Lab member with birthday celebrations

Day 26: Read at least one juz each for Mom and Dad

Day 27: Smile back at people you meet

Day 28:  Make rakhi for a brother and friendship bands for friends

Day 29: Make someone HAPPY

Day 30: Buy flowers for someone

EID: Celebrate with friends…


Thank you again for reading. Please do share the blog with anyone who may be interested. Perhaps I can ask everyone to post their favorite entry on Facebook and encourage friends to ‘like’ the 30 days 30 deeds Facebook page.

My warmest wishes to all of you. Until next year inshAllah.